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Thinking back to the origin of it all. I think that I have to credit the 1984 TV show, Robin of Sherwood as the influence to my current trade.

The show left a great deal for me. For one, the images, characters, and moments stayed in my head for over two decades. I always thought that to be quite amazing for a film to accomplish. Revisiting the show i can see the team behind it went after a lot more than entertainment. There was a great emphasis on realistic photography, real characters, strong and fitting imagery, and best of all themes and motives to add something to the existing world. Re-examination of an old tale and genre.

Beyond that is my enrolment to a film school, Humber College in Toronto, Canada. Since, I have shot short films and features as a freelance DP. During this time also working as a member in the IATSE 667 International Cinematographers Guild filming with other great DPs.

On the other side of the globe it seems, science also holds a place in my heart. I'm not throwing that out there out of no where. Science being the pursuit for understanding and truth. The attempt, and to a large extent I approach film storytelling in the same way as a means to understand what is outside and inside.

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